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 If you want to read some of our advanterous travel stories – you are at the right page.  Main intent is to generate some motivation to escape from everyday life and to encourage everybody to have the heart to follow us. With the links (hyperlink) in the stories, you have a (nearly) complete travel guide with side information. Use it and start dreaming and planning.

Where no article opens the report is still under construction. I have almost translated everythink, only the Plug-in for the Site has to be updated.  So have a look time by time…..

Great Lakes 1993
Zimbabwe 1994
Sri Lanka & Oman 1998
South East Asia1994

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„To travel you need patience, courage, humor, and you should not be downhearted by small irregular coincidences ” Adolph Freiherr Knigge (1752-96), german writer and freemason

Australia  2002
Birma 2003

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . So let’s go, pluck up courage, fortune favors the brave! Tips or ideas needed? Do not hesitate to contact us.

„The benefit of a long stay outside of our country lies perhaps less in what we learn about foreign countries, but in what we learn about ourselves.“ Roger Peyrefitte (*1907), french diplomat, writer of  bestseller novels

Around the Baltic Sea 2010
Marocco 2011
Marocco 2012
Israel 1990 / 2012
Israel 1990 / 2012

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. „ I am grateful for the sharpest criticism, if it is only factually.“ Otto von Bismarck  (1815-98), preussian- german Statesman, founder of the  Dt. Reiche and 1871-90 its chancellor

  Some small remarks:

  1. If you click on the photos above, the corresponding travel report will open in a new page.
  2. If you click with the mouse on an image it will become larger. With the arrow on the right edge, you can look through all the images.
  3. The colored markings in the text are links (usually to Wikipedia). Depending on your interest and mood, you can gain a lot of information. These are not just limited to the destination, but widely spread.

3 thoughts on “Our journeys”

  1. Hi, you mention Alexander on the Duro website. Can you share the website details please? I am based in Scotland and am presently converting a Mowag Bucher Duro the same as your one and am struggling to locate spares, hence the request. Thank you, great truck. Rory

    1. Hi Rory,
      great to hear from another Duro maniac ? up north in Scotland. Indeed I have not linked the English version of my website. If you switch to the German one, there are the links in. However, here is the reference: http://www.alexandermathys.com
      In the fora you will find a lot of dudes with a variety of knowledge and good ideas.
      If you need spare parts, try http://www.esb-fahrzeuge.de
      They can support you with all you need and if required can also move into the “tele doctor” mode if you have some specific questions and requiremrents.

      Best regards

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